Why haven't we gotten a musical "Doctor Who" episode yet?

The music men at AVbyte have released a number of Broadway-inspired pop culture parodies, including The Walking Dead: The Musical and a medley of hipster Disney princesses. In their latest installment, a freshly regenerated Doctor sings about his adventures in Times Square. It begs the question: when do we get to hear Matt Smith's pipes?


After all, the Doctor has already proven himself ripe for musical tribute. Craig Ferguson opened a January 2011 episode of his Late Late Show with a singing, dancing homage to the Time Lord:

And before that, Party Ben and Team9, operating under the nom de guerre Dean Gray, mashed the Doctor Who theme with Green Day's "Holiday" on the remix album American Edit:

Captain Jack actor John Barrowman, who has starred in many a musical, has expressed his desire for a "Whosical" episode, but the closest we've come so far is a comic story in Doctor WhoMagazine entitled "Planet Bollywood," in which Amy and the Doctor visit an all-singing, all-dancing planet.

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Then again, maybe the lack of music during the Ponds' run has something to do with this:

Perhaps Jenna-Louise Coleman will prove more musically inclined?

Doctor Who: The Musical [via Neatorama]

Update: On Twitter, Scott Carelli notes that there has, in fact, been a Doctor Who musical, albeit not on television. The Big Finish audio drama Doctor Who and the Pirates! was the series' first musical story. It even had Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor singing, "I am the very model of a Gallifreyan buccaneer…" Nice to know that the Whoniverse was well ahead of its time on this one.

April French, also on Twitter, notes that the First Doctor serial The Gunfighters, featured a musical narration, "Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon." Her opinion: "Let's not go down this road again."



Why haven’t we gotten a musical “Doctor Who” episode yet?

I don't know, but from the bottom of my heart, I thank the people who have not made this happen.

Sorry to be a scrooge, but I can't stand musical episodes. Sanctuary's was the absolute worst.