Why Is Samsung's Series 9 Monitor More Expensive Than an Apple Thunderbolt Display?

In about a week, there's gonna be a firehose of gadgets coming at you, and let's hope they're all as easy on the eyes as these early arrivers from Samsung, especially the monstrously expensive but apparently very good Series 9 Monitor.

The Series 9 monitor is a 27" QHD (quad hi-def) monitor with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The display uses Samsung's Natural Color Expert technology to apparently get extreme color performance out of over a billion colors, and uses pro-grade Panel Line Switching to improve horizontal and vertical angles of viewing. It's also got Mobile High Definition Link (MHL), so Android users with compatible phones or tablets will be able to easily connect to the display. It's out in March and will be $1199—more than Apple's Thunderbolt display, which had been the most expensive monitor a regular person would probably think about buying—but looks great and has a pretty good set of features.


The Series 7 HDTV, which is also out in March, is 24 and 27 inches, has a built-in HDTV tune, WiDi wireless streaming capabilities, and uses MHL to connect to smartphones and tablets. It'll start at $599. [Samsung]

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