Why Is There an Art Exhibition at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Illustration for article titled Why Is There an Art Exhibition at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Have we run out of gallery space on dry land? Or was the temptation to attach waterproof works of art to the Vandenberg military ship off Florida's Key West just too strong for Austrian artist/diver Andreas Franke?


12 Photoshopped photos showing a surreal life aboard the sunken 522-footer have been stuck on by magnets to the starboard side of the ship for the duration of the exhibition, with divers encouraged to check it out some 93 feet below the surface of the water.

If you suffer from hydrophobia or simply can't get over to Key West to peruse Franke's artworks yourself, there is of course a website that showcases all of the photos, where you can also order prints from too. They're a little bit spooky, but you can look at them safe with the knowledge that the Vandenberg was a controlled sinking, and no-one's died on it, either. Well, apart from some fish, I suppose. [The Vandenberg via KeysNews via Photojojo]



Nice to see Aquaman finally rolling out some of those public works projects he's been promising