Why Is This Terrified Woman Exfoliating With a Box Cutter?

The life of a product model isn't easy, particularly when it involves demoing questionable skin care contraptions. Like this so-called sonic cleanser that looks so much like a box cutter that this model appears legitmately scared for her wellbeing.

The cleanser's metal blade uses ultrasonic vibrations against the skin to clean off oil, makeup, and dead cells. And presumably is also fantastic at slicing open FedEx packages, or for simple arts and crafts. You can also use it with various skin care products like age-reducing serums if you want to fully snakeoil your beauty regime, but the cost of admission is a hefty $300 for something a facecloth would probably be just as effective—and far less terrifying—for. [Hammacher Schlemmer via 7Gadgets]


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