Why Isn't Anyone Defecting from iTunes to Amazon's MP3 Store?

Number two digital music retailer Amazon was given DRM-free tracks from all four majors in the hope that it would be the first real rival to iTunes' total domination of music sales. But, on top of the fact Amazon's numbers drastically pale to iTunes' (we did ask for specifics, they wouldn't spill) NPD is reporting that a mere sliver—10 percent—of Amazon's users are iTunes defectors, even though all of its DRM-less tracks will play on the iPod (or anything else). Which means Amazon isn't poaching from Apple's ecosystem, so they're either grabbing your mom (unlikely) or people who mostly avoided iTunes in the first place. Given the long, bitter fight for DRM-free music, it's simply bizarre. So if you're still buying from iTunes, why haven't you switched? [Electronista]


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