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Why Lego Is Awesome: The Heartwarming Story of a Kid Who Lost a Minifig

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This kid is Luka Apps, a 7-year-old kid from Great Britain. Luka got some money this Christmas, which he decided to spend in a shiny Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set. Unfortunately, Luka lost one of his new favorite Lego minifigs on a shopping trip with his dad, which made him very sad. But instead of assuming his loss, he wrote to Lego headquarters:

My name is Luka Apps and I am seven years old.

With all my money I got for Christmas I bought the Ninjago kit of the Ultrasonic Raider. The number is 9449. It is really good.

My Daddy just took me to Sainsburys and told me to leave the people at home but I took them and I lost Jay ZX at the shop as it fell out of my coat.

I am really upset I have lost him. Daddy said to send you a email to see if you will send me another one.

I promise I won't take him to the shop again if you can.


Soon, he received a new minifig in the mail, along this letter from Lego:


I told Sensei Wu that losing your Jay minifigure was purely an accident and that you would never ever ever let it happen ever again.

He told me to tell you, "Luka, your father seems like a very wise man. You must always protect your Ninjago minifigures like the dragons protect the Weapons of Spinjitzu!"

Sensei Wu also told me it was okay if I sent you a new Jay and told me it would be okay if I included something extra for you because anyone that saves their Christmas money to buy the Ultrasonic Raider must be a really big Ninjago fan.

So, I hope you enjoy your Jay minifigure with all his weapons. You will actually have the only Jay minifigure that combines 3 different Jays into one! I am also going to send you a bad guy for him to fight!

Just remember, what Sensei Wu said: keep your minifigures protected like the Weapons of Spinjitzu! And of course, always listen to your dad.


And that, my friends, is just another reason that makes Lego awesome. Not so long ago, they did a similar thing for a Massachusetts kid who had saved for two years to buy the Lego Emerald Train set only to find out it was discontinued. Lego learned about the story, found the kit for him and gave it to him, just before his birthday.

Having been there and knowing some of the people who work there, I can tell you that they truly believe in what they do and, besides being a business, they must be one of the very few companies in the world that not only truly believe in "Don't Do Evil" but also in "Do good." [Adweek]


p.s. If you are curious, this is how Lego makes its minifigs. Part of our exclusive trip to Lego's factory in Billund Denmark. [Thanks Julia Alvidrez!]