Why the Da Vinci Code is Full of It

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Amidst all the chatter—"Jesus wasn't divine and slept with the ladies," "Tom Hanks has bad hair"—very few people were brave enough to bring up the real issues in Dan Brown's smash best seller, The Screenplay for the Da Vinci Code Movie. Brown, it seems, doesn't know anything about technology, biology, or art.

His most egregious error, it seems, is positing that there is a GPS transmitter/reciever that is as big as a watch battery and that the Louvre has bars of soap which that Amelie hottie—that girl could crack a Creme Brulée, yo— can use to throw said GPS transmitter out onto to the roof of a truck. As we all know, GPS receivers are pretty damn big and the Louvre uses liquid soap. Gotcha, Dan Brown. Your research is totally flawed.


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