Guy meets girl online. After 5 months, they fall for one another. Both arrange to go on their first date. Only the girl doesn't exist. She's really two guys who tie the guy up and steal his stuff. Wait, what?

This is absurd. Apparently, a Belgian Carrefour Express manager found himself in a romantic relationship with a lass on Facebook by the name of Katrien Van Loo. But Ms. Van Loo was really two thugs out to rob him. So, when Mr. Manager went out for their first date, they attacked him, gagged and blindfolded him, stole his keys, and set out for his apartment and business.


Oh, and then a third guy went and robbed him, too. To add insult to injury. There's no word yet on how much the crooks stole. Just the CCTV footage you see up top.

There's no happy ending to this story. Just that some poor guy not only got his heart broken, but wound up in the most awkward heist ever. What kind of people put that much effort into robbing a supermarket? Were there diamonds or something? Was it some kind of revenge plot? Ugh! You can't trust anyone on Facebook. [Naked Security via The Next Web]