Wiimote-like Motion Sensitive Phones Make no Sense Whatsoever

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So the story goes as follows: Nintendo releases DS. DS becomes instant bestseller. Touchy-screen dual number becomes next game fetish. NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi think it may be a good idea, announce DS-like phone. Big N releases Wii; becomes instant bestseller. Wiimote becomes next game fetish device. Same suspects release D904i, a phone that needs to be tilted, shaken, stirred and bashed against any object to play games. The rest of the world looks the other way and pretends nothing happened. The End.

I mean, beyond playing Marble Madness-type games, how in the name of all that is good, sacred or uses a Hylian Shield I am supposed to play a game "swinging the handset like a tennis racket or wield it like sword"? Did anyone think about how to follow the action on screen while shaking it? Unless they are really talking porn, we will probably never know. Or care.


DoCoMo's new phones offer motion-sensing game play [Reuters]

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Other phones have been doing this for a while. My girlfriend has a samsung a970 (I think), and it supports tilt & jog sensitivity, even includes a marble madness type game.

Never was any good at that, less so in phone form.

Oddly the most fun is the dice rolling app they've got.