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Digital Wheel Art, a wheelchair painting program to help disabled people make art, was on display at the Maker Faire event in NYC tonight. Creator YoungHyun Chung was inspired to create the device after seeing children with cerebral palsy whose limited movement stifled their artistic expression. Here's how it works, plus a video of the system in action.


The system works by sending data from a Wiimote attached to a wheelchair over Bluetooth to a painting program displayed on the screen. The program draws lines based on the path of the wheelchair, and the user can change colors by tilting his or her head on a ball on the right side of the chair, which cycles through the different options. The finished product may not look like a masterpiece to some, but for people who couldn't show off their artistic chops before, it's a great first step. [Digital Wheel Art, Maker FairePicture at top from Digital Wheel Art site]


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