Will a Bowling Ball Survive a Hydraulic Press? Spoiler: Not a Chance.

The hydraulic press guys have been compressing all types of things lately, and they’ve turned their attention to some bowling equipment.


The Hydraulic Press Channel is another one of those enormously satisfying online shows where we watch stuff get destroyed. Their latest targets are a bowling ball and some pins, neither of which survive very long.

[The Awesomer]

Andrew Liptak is the former Weekend editor of io9/Gizmodo. He is the co-editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction and hails from Vermont.


Meh. Colour me unimpressed. This is my machine: a 700 ton 20-foot long Press Brake. I can bend 20 foot of ½ inch steel plate, or shorter pieces of up to 1 inch plate. (That is not me in the picture.)

I made this special caution sticker to put on it: