Will Bane really break the Bat in The Dark Knight Rises?

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Ever since Christopher Nolan confirmed Bane would appear in his final Batman film, fans have wondered whether the villain would emulate his brutal actions in the comics. And now the first rumor about Bane's movie storyline may answer that question.


Plus Shia LeBeouf tries once more to convince us that this Transformers movie will be different.

And Mark Strong explains the look of the Martians in John Carter.

We've also got new videos for Green Lantern, Captain America, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

And the executive producer of Warehouse 13 reveals tons of new season three guest stars!

Spoilers from this point forward!

Top image from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

The Dark Knight Rises

This is the alpha and omega of all crazy Batman 3 rumors, and I'm honestly just surprised it's taken the rumor mill this long. Someone claiming to be an inside source is now saying what lots of people on the internet have been sorta assuming for a while now:

"Bruce Wayne/Batman & Bane will certainly clash hard in The Dark Knight Rises and I can tell you this much, during their first fight against one-another, Bane WILL break Batman's back!"

Of course, everyone who has reported this so far has said to take it with a grain of salt, and with good reason. If nothing else, it seems like a weird idea to break your hero's back at the beginning of his final movie, unless they're going to do some weird time jump or something to gloss over his recovery time. Anyway, this is now officially a crazy rumor... and pretty much nothing more than that. [IGN]

Morgan Freeman revealed he starts filming in three weeks, while Michael Caine said he starts next week. [IGN]


Meanwhile, in mildly embarrassing but still fundamentally adorable Anne Hathaway news, the actress has reportedly had a second fight scene mishap. (We mentioned the first in last Thursday's post.) Here's the inside source:

"Anne was filming a very similar fight scene when her costume split right open right on her bottom. She's putting everything into this role both physically and emotionally and the wardrobe department is paying the price. She must have gone through a dozen costume changes due to Anne throwing herself around."


We will continue to cover any and all minor Anne Hathaway fight scene tidbits as they develop, or at least until we get bored. [Showbiz Spy]

Green Lantern

Here's another featurette. [Comic Book Resources]

Captain America

Here's another TV spot, which features our first look at Red Skull actually talking.

Here's an awesome retro poster created especially for the cast and crew, which features everyone's favorite thing in the world: Captain America punching Hitler. [FirstShowing.net]


Derek Luke, who plays Howling Commando Gabe Jones in the film, confirms he signed a multi-picture deal, which means he will "definitely" be in any eventual sequels. Since the writers have indicated subsequent movies will likely be set in the present day, this might mean future movies will at least feature flashbacks to World War II, or Gabe Jones will somehow arrive in the 21st Century alongside Cap. [BlackFilm]

The Avengers

Loki portrayer Tom Hiddleston offers this brief update:

"I've seen everyone in costume - it's great. It's everything everyone has been imagining. Except it's better...It's funny how everyone looks so entirely iconic in their own individual way, but then together there's a whole different level of iconography."



Iron Man 3

Robert Downey, Jr. reportedly said the "...hardest part about Iron Man 3 will be negotiating Jon Favreau's acting deal", indicating there are plans to bring the former director back as Tony Stark's driver Happy Hogan. [@EricVespe]


The Wolverine

One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek confirms he was one of the candidates to take over for Darren Aronofosky, but he has long since taken himself out of the running. He explained:

"I was on their list, I received the script months ago. It didn't seem like my kind of thing. That script was a terrific version of that kind of thing, but not something I felt really passionate about."



The Hunger Games

A bunch of set photos surfaced over the weekend, but Lionsgate demanded they be removed. We haven't had a chance to see them, but you can check out a description of the now pulled images at the link. [Collider]


John Carter

Mark Strong, who plays the Thern leader Matai Shang in the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's century-old pulp series, discusses how his character's look changed from book to screen and what we can expect from Andrew Stanton's direction:

"In the books, they're all bald, but they wear these strange blonde wigs in the books. I think the feeling was that recreating that on film was a little bit strange. So it's much more of a traditional alien look: very shaved, pale, has a big robe. Very powerful...Andrew's such a great storyteller. We're in very safe hands and you know he's going to make something exceptional. The thing that I think will distinguish it, which I'm most excited by, is that even though it takes place in space - it's science fiction - it's from a Victorian point of view. Because Edgar Rice Burrows novels were at the turn of the century, and his perception of space was very different from ours. The Martians, for example, wear breast plates and swords and helmets with wings on them. I think that's what's going to distinguish it [visually]."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Here's another TV spot. [TFW2005]

Shia LaBeouf again made clear that this will be his last Transformers film, although he's convinced he and Michael Bay are going out on a high note:

"I'm not coming back to do another one. I don't think Mike will either. It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they'll reboot it at some point with someone else...['Dark of the Moon'] is the best movie we've made, I'm serious. It's not a joke. I'm dead honest, man. I get myself in trouble all the time, but this is our best installment. It's our best movie."


LaBeouf then explained just why this one is an improvement on Revenge of the Fallen:

"It's the best action, in terms of the geography. In the second one, you get confused as to who's fighting who and where you are, because it's such a big landscape. This one is 'Black Hawk Down'-ish. It's one location, and the geography is simple to understand. [Bay] did the 3-D in a different way than anyone has ever done it before," he continued. "James Cameron has seen the movie; he said it's the best 3-D since 'Avatar,' so there's all that. Also, this is our best story. It's the most solid screenplay we've had since we started. All those things plus new cast we have, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Ken Jeong, a lot of strong additions. Everything we got right in the first one, we've improved here."



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Here are some more posters. [MTV Movies Blog and FirstShowing.net]

World War Z

The Pacific actor James Badge Dale has reportedly joined the cast as "a military officer who is one of the earliest to come up against the threat of the undead." [Variety via ComingSoon.net]



Here's a new TV spot. [FirstShowing.net]

G.I. Joe 2

French actress Elodie Yung, whose previous credits include District 13: Ultimatum, is reportedly up for the role of the ninja Jinx. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here are some more photos. [Doctor Who News Page]

Game of Thrones

Here's an interview with Emilia Clarke. You can see another with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at the link. [SpoilerTV]

True Blood

Here are some official season four cast photos. [SpoilerTV]

American Gods

Neil Gaiman has revealed the proposed six-year adaptation won't just cover the one novel, and that he needs to get to work on a second book now. [@NeilHimself]



Danny Glover and Undercovers actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw are both reportedly joining Kiefer Sutherland and Heroes creator Tim Kring's new show, in which Sutherland's mute, autistic son may or may not be predicting the future through the magic of numbers. (Or something.) Mbatha-Raw will play the female lead, which may mean she's the love interest for Sutherland's widower, while Glover will reportedly be Arthur DeWitt, a professor and numbers expert who helps Sutherland's son work with his strange gifts. [TV Line and AV Club]


Warehouse 13

Here's a sneak peek for the season premiere, "The New Guy."

The show will have a ridiculous amount of sci-fi guest stars this season. Executive producer Jack Kenny revealed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Rene Auberjonois and Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner will reprise their roles as Hugo Miller and Dr. Vanessa Calder for episode three, which sees the pair searching for an artifact along with Artie and Claudia. Also making an appearance in episode three is Caprica's Sasha Roiza, who plays Marcus Diamond, "a mysterious part of our Big Bad for the year." Fellow Caprica alum Alessandra Torresani will appear in episode nine as "a girl in trouble... who needs Myka and Claudia's help." Speaking of Myka, Kenny's episode descriptions do seem to confirm that she is back as a regular this season, which wasn't entirely for certain before now.


The show also features two Star Trek: Voyager alums. In the fourth episode, Jeri Ryan will play Amanda, a major in the Marines who is about to get married and has a past with one of the show's characters. Meanwhile, episode 8 will see the introduction of Kate Mulgrew as a regent named Jane whose past also overlaps with one of the regulars. [TV Guide]


Here's a sneak peek at the pilot.

And here's a trailer.


Producers Murray Ferguson and Petra Fried offer some hints for series three:

Ferguson: Our heroes will have new powers and what they will do will be crucial for the future of the series. Some of these powers will always be related to the personality of the characters (as was the case until now), but not for everyone. As you know, Robert Sheehan, who plays Nathan will not be in any upcoming TV episodes. So we worked with Rudy, the new character in the series. He will be very funny and obviously will join the group.
Fried: We focus a lot on the new character. After the departure of Robert, we turned the page quickly. Rudy's character is very interesting and he fits very well with the group. But throughout the second season we've also learned a lot about Simon. You've followed his progress so far, yet it will still be different in future episodes.


[TVMag; English translation via SpoilerTV]

Elsewhere, Ferguson confirms the possibility of a US remake:

"There has been interest in America about making an American version. We so far haven't made any decisions on that. We're obviously interested but if we do do that we want to make sure that we retain all the essential, key ingredients of the show that make it successful over here while recognizing that if it's for an American audience it might have to be slightly different culturally. We are going to go and talk next month in LA to a couple of key people that we think would be good partners and who are very keen to do it with us. Hopefully it will work out. I'm optimistic - we'll see."


[Digital Spy]

Falling Skies

TNT has released the complete schedule for the first season of the show (which, incidentally, has already been renewed for a second). All the episodes air at 10 PM on Sundays, except for the two-hour premiere and finale.

6/19 #1.1 "Live And Learn" (9PM) & #1.2 "The Armory" (10PM)
6/26 #1.3 "Prisoner of War"
7/3 #1.4 "Grace"
7/10 #1.5 "Silent Kill"
7/17 #1.6 "Sanctuary, Part 1"
7/24 #1.7 "Sanctuary, Part 2"
7/31 #1.8 "What Hides Beneath"
8/7 #1.9 "Mutiny" (9PM) & #1.10 "Eight Hours" (10PM)



Teen Wolf

Here's a short description for episode four, "The Magic Bullet", which sadly gives us precious little information on stuff that's really important to the characters, such as how their lacrosse season is going.

A new hunter arrives in town, putting Derek's life in danger and forcing him to make reluctant allies out of Scott and Stiles. Meanwhile, Scott tries to survive dinner with Allison's father.



Additional reporting by Michael Ann Dobbs and Charlie Jane Anders.



Erik Sofge

-Obviously he's going to break his back. Why else would you do Bane? I know you diehards are in love with whatever happened to his character in the years after Knightfall, but that's why he was invented. It has to be why Bale would bother with him.

-Breaking his back right away would be fantastic. Nolan's pretty good at action, but he doesn't really seem to care about it. The Joker wasn't great because of action. The fight scenes in DK weren't iconic (if anything, that sonar-vision climax was one of the weakest parts of the movie). If Batman has to fully unleash his inner evil genius to counter a juiced-up bruiser, that's fantastic. Plus it shows what happens to Gotham without Batman, providing a little bit of redemption (if the movie starts off with him as a pariah). It gives Bale something to work with, for once, in this trilogy. And he's Batman, goddamnit. Him and Freeman can whip up some pseudo-science to get him back up and punching for a while, albeit in agony and at risk of permanent paralysis. I'm all for it. If it were up to me, the movie would end with him basically back where he started, having to retrain to become Batman. That's how to do a third act, not just a third movie.