Will Colin Farrell take over for Arnold in the Total Recall remake?

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A list of potential Total Recall leads, that includes Inception's Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender, is being passed around Hollywood. At the top of the list is Colin Farrell. Surprised? We certainly are.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Len Wiseman, Underworld director, has Farrell perched at the top of his list for his Total Recall remake. This isn't exactly who we thought would get thrown around as a possible candidate, but okay.


We have no doubt that Wiseman's movie version will be completely different than Paul Verhoeven's 90s classic, especially if it stars Farrell. Not much is known about what Wiseman wants, except for the fact that he wants to push the movie into a more contemporary portrayal. People are throwing around words like "Nolanesque" but based on Wiseman's track record, we're pretty sure that this adaptation will be more action fodder than brain buster.

What do you think about a Farrell lead? If you look at all three potential leads' schedules, both Hardy and Fassbender are booked for most of next year, so Farrell seems like a pretty safe bet at this time.