Will There Be One Ring To Rule Them All Around The 5S Home Button?

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There have been rumors for about a month that the iPhone 5S home button is going to be ringed in silver. Clayton Morris even told This Week In Tech that he was "unequivocally" sure about the change, and that the home button would otherwise have the same concave design. Other leaked photos have supported the rumor, though as usual their authenticity is somewhat questionable.


Perhaps the most solid evidence comes from the graphic Apple included with their media event invitation for September 10th's announcements (above). In addition to colorful circles that are thought to represent the colored plastic casing of the iPhone 5C, the empty silver rings could allude to a ring around the home button on the 5S.


Speculation is leaning toward the ring on the 5S only because of the rumored fingerprint scanner and the form factor similarities (aka twin moment) between the iPhone 5 and 5S. It would make sense to highlight the fingerprint scanner visually and would also allow 5S owners to feel like they can strut their stuff with a phone that is recognizable as the new model. [Apple Insider]

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i've wanted a fingerprint scanner in my iphone since the first time i used the 3g. for some reason a fingerprint scanner in the button or the body made sense for a mobile product meant to keep some of your most sensitive data. But then again i've always been a sucker for fingerprint scanners.

Had a sony vaio TX with a fingerprint scanner. loved that it would unlock the computer with just the fingerprint but as usual sony's software left much to be desired.

It seems to me though that msot people online have nothing but hate for a fingerprint scanner in the home button. or if nto hate then a "why do i need that" attitude.

I think its a tremendous pairing if the scanner is very quick and accurate. I have my phone on a 5 minute passcode lock and i still enter my password dozens of times a day. imagine just pressing and having it unlocked. apple could also get more creative and do something like start a quick app launcher if your thumb is on scanner on home screen (unlikely), or map it to a user selectable action. imagine action centre or control panel popping up when your finger gets scanned.

edit: i just realized maybe its a fingerprint scanner/scrollpad kind of thing in one? if you thumb goes left from scanner it has one action. right. up. down. each either has an action, or can just be used as a direction pad. this is also something i dont know why apple never implemented. i thought it would be perfect to have a directional scrollpad. useful for things like scrolling through documents, calendar, games etc without taking up scren real estate.