WiMax Competitor LTE Runs Wii Online Multiplayer So Fast It Seems Local

WiMax isn't the only the live 4G game in town. Alcatel-Lucent is running an arguably much sexier demo of LTE (long-term evolution), the high-speed 4G network that Verizon and AT&T are going to deploy. Besides streaming video to a wall of TVs with over 100Mbps of throughput, they have two Wiis hooked up, one on Wi-Fi and one on LTE, battling each other in an online Mario Strikers Charged match. It's totally lag-free, as frenzied and butter smooth as Striker gets. Full-fledged online gaming anywhere is so close it hurts.



@thechansen: Well said and I agree. WiMAX is still vaporware. Sprint doesn't even have a deal in place for funding yet. The whole thing is a scam and is spearheaded by Intel. All WiMAX is is WI-FI, but long range. Its inherently different than LTE or even UWB.