Windows 7 Just Wants to Hold Mac's Hand

There's so much going on in this new Windows 7 ad that I'm still haven't decided how I feel about it yet. Whimsical animation! Avatar played with PC Na'vi! A Mac in desperate need of ginger ale! Actually, it's great.


There's something just wonderfully weird about this Microsoft spot. Beyond touting Windows 7 Blu-ray compatibility—which, hey, you could download an HD movie from iTunes—it shows off a warmth that sometimes, just sometimes, Microsoft has a hard time conveying. And it's certainly more fun to look at that Justin Long. [Winrumors via Engadget]

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Broken Machine

I prefer to buy my movies on BluRay - i don't like buying virtual formats that may have to be changed in coming years with new devices, and I prefer getting the best quality picture for my money, and downloading is not convenient yet.

However, I don't see why every time I mention that wanting a BluRay drive for my next laptop people make snide comments - what is so objectionable to wanting an optical drive, and want the highest capacity one. OK, so I may not get full resolution on my screen, but is the next solution to buy two copies of a movie, one for the laptop and one for home? Ludicrous.

My macbook needs replacing next year. I still have to run Windows, OSX is optional but I do prefer it. BluRay is needed. Hmmmm...