Windows 7 Will Annoy Pirates Even Less Than Vista

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Microsoft really wants to make Windows 7 the least offensive OS ever. Case in point: They've made the little dialog box that pesters you into activating Windows less annoying.


In Vista, you couldn't shoo the little bastard away for at least 15 seconds. In Windows 7, you can make it vanish immediately by telling it you'll activate later, and all you get is a second little box telling you how awesome activation is.

Also, it seems like you won't have to worry about a non-genuine copy blowing up on you, since Microsoft's Genuine Windows unit's Alex Kochis talked about the "effective balance" Microsoft has acheived in annoying pirates, but not annoying them too much—so that Windows kill switch probably isn't coming back.

They're even trying to wash the bad taste Windows Genuine Advantage left in people's mouths by renaming it Windows Activation Technologies. Yeah, that sounds a whole bunch friendlier. [Cnet]


I always wondered if they could make an OS as hardware. Like a piece that goes between your motherboard and processor. Make it the entire OS on a SSD/board or something that you HAVE to put in place. Like the OS is on it's own little drive that fits into a MB between the processor. Maybe the processor could have grooves that only work when fit into the "OS Drive" and the OS drive has the grooves that fit into the MB so there's no bypassing it.I'm sure it could still be hacked, but I think the physical aspect of it would deter a lot more people. I'm no scientist or computer pro but that seams feasible. I'd like to hear what the actual tech people here think, I guess. Just pondering.

Also, I know the physical aspect would mean no installs on a ton of computers with one copy, like an office usually does, so there would have to be some workaround for that.