Windows VP Terry Myerson Out as Major Shakeup Hits Microsoft

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After 21 years leading the server, Exchange, and most recently the Windows and Devices teams, longtime vice president Terry Myerson is leaving Microsoft as the company pursues a major restructuring of its entire business.

According to CNBC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent an email out to employees thanking Myerson for his service while also outlining the company’s future plans.

The main purpose of Microsoft’s reorganization will be to establish two new divisions within the company: the experiences and devices team led by Rajesh Jha, and the cloud plus AI team led by Scott Guthrie.


Going forward, the experiences and device team will oversee development for Windows and Office software, along with production of new Xbox, Surface, and other homegrown Microsoft hardware, while the other group will be focused on Microsoft’s growing enterprise services which includes Azure, various distributed computing solutions, AI perception, mixed reality, and more.

For the average consumer, the most impactful change may be the promotion of Panos Panay, the current head of the Surface device team, who will now serve as Microsoft’s chief product officer.


Under Panay, Microsoft has seen success in the expansion of its Surface devices, which has grown from a single line of convertibles, to a more traditional clamshell laptop, multiple high-powered 2-in-1s and even a giant desktop with an adjustable touchscreen. At the same time, Surface devices have also experienced deeper integration with Windows itself, thanks to platforms such as Windows Ink, Windows Hello, and cross-platform Xbox initiatives like Play Anywhere. 

While the departure of Myerson is sure to cause some commotion, the proposed restructuring of Microsoft’s business seems like a pretty smart move. However, with Microsoft’s last shake up having occurred not too long ago in 2015, you have to wonder if there’s even more turmoil lurking behind the scenes.