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XP-on-Mac contest organizer Colin Nederkoorn told Gizmodo that he believes a team of individuals headed by a person known as narf2006 has devised a way to boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac. Nederkoorn, of Houston, Texas, created a website that sought donations from visitors, where the proceeds would be awarded to the first person able to successfully boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac.

"These guys have never over-promised anything," Nederkoorn told Gizmodo. "I believe it works," he added. "The only concern or reservation I have is with the text in the bottom right of the screen shot," he continued. "I'm not sure why a regular version of windows would be displaying text more commonly found in Betas."


When Gizmodo asked him to reveal the identity of narf2006, Nederkoorn wasn t talking. Had Nededkoorn seen this technique working himself? I haven t seen it with my own eyes, but I have been talking with the team for several weeks and they have nothing to gain by faking it.

When asked if he had a winner, Nederkoorn replied, They have not won yet—they still need to provide the instructions. I m extremely excited to see the final instructions that should be available within the next 2 weeks.

How did they do it? I know how they are doing it but they have asked me to keep it secret until they submit their entry to the contest. It is very similar to the BAMBIOS solution, Nederkoorn said. If the solution checks out, narf2006 and his team will win the donated prize money, which now amounts to $12,800.


XP on Mac Cracked?