Wireless Game Gun Available for Pre-Order From The Redneck Techie

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The Game Gun, essentially a plastic rifle with a top-mounted screen and accelerometer (packaged in the most hilarious way possible), is available for pre-order and should be arriving by this holiday season. Get ready to stalk around your basement!

Plug-and-play compatible with "X-box" (we assume he means Xbox 360), Wii, PS3 and Windows (Macs are for yankees, not self-proclaimed redneck techies), the Game Gun has an external battery pack that can be pocketed during play. The accelerometers look pretty decent considering the project's homemade, and the gadget really does turn shooter games into a more immersive, Lazer-tag type experience. Pricing hasn't been announced but this kind of awesome probably won't come cheap. [Crunchgear]