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Wolfram Alpha, the true know it all on the Interwebs, introduced a ridiculously detailed Facebook report complete with statistical insights about how many links, photos and updates you ever posted on your page last year. Today, Wolfram Alpha is adding even more detail to its Facebook report so you can learn more about how you book the face.


One of the new features will be a social network visualization, it highlights your Facebook friends and shows you how they fit into your social network. You'll see the groups of friends you have from home, from high school, from college, from work, etc. and see which of your friends can bridge those groups. Using those clusters, Wolfram Alpha has identified five different 'network' roles in people:

In total, there are five different "network roles" we identify: social insiders and outsiders, social neighbors and gateways, and social connectors. Social insiders and outsiders are opposites: a social insider has a lot of friends in common with you (e.g. your girlfriend since freshman year); conversely, a social outsider is someone with whom you have few or no mutual friends (e.g. that girl you met horseback riding in Romania). Social gateways and neighbors are also opposites: a social gateway contact has a lot of friends that are outside your network (e.g. the editor of your college newspaper), whereas a social neighbor has few friends outside your network (e.g. your identical twin).


Wolfram Alpha has also added a new Facebook Historical Analysis that can show you how your Facebook profile has evolved over time (who got married, who moved, etc.), a new filtering system that can break down your network according to certain criteria (age, location, etc.) and show geographically interesting data too (who's farthest away from you). If you want to learn more about you Facebook self than you ever knew, go get your Wolfram Alpha Facebook report here. [Wolfram Alpha]

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