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Woman Coats iPods, Cellphones in Gold

Illustration for article titled Woman Coats iPods, Cellphones in Gold

See this woman? She wants to coat your gadgets in 24 karat gold. Or, if you don't have a cellphone or iPod, she'll coat a brand new one and send it to you. Here are a few that are available from their store: a LG Prada for £399 ($800), LG Shine for £279 ($561), and a Sony Ericsson W880i for £299 ($600). Yes, it's extravagant and totally unnecessary, but who can say no to her? Not I. Nor Charlie. [Goldstriker]


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@weatherman: Thank you! I thought I was the only sane one in there, apart from strategically placing her no doubt gravity challenged tats and misting them with some cooking oil or axle grease she's orrible. Like someones mum that you were attracted two when you were 13 because she wore low cut dresses, like that one.