Woman Found Cocaine Hidden Inside Her Tampon

Illustration for article titled Woman Found Cocaine Hidden Inside Her Tampon

In a pleasant surprise (or scary discovery, depending on your perspective), Cindy Davidson found something weird about the tampons she recently bought: they were laced with cocaine. Specifically, a bunch of cocaine was put in the tampon's applicator so it could be smuggled around.


The dirty tampons, made by Boots, a British brand, were found in Salt Lake City at a bargain store. The white snow was rolled in cellophane and taped tightly inside the tampon applicator. Davidson immediately noticed that something was off when she opened the box of tampons and freaked out when she found the powder, saying:

"I started getting nervous because I thought it might have been a terrorist attack"

Turns out it was cocaine, which now has the police on the paper trail of where the coked out tampon package originated from. Check your tampons girls! Coke would be wasted in there. [The Smoking Gun, Image Credit: Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock]



no way, you could totally absorb cocaine through your ladyparts. In fact, I think there was a trend where guys would rub it into their business as an aphordesiac (do not attempt).