Woman Kills Man With Amateur Penis Injection

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You'd think that if were going to let someone stick a syringe into your genitals, you'd want them to have a medical degree of some sort. Or at least a masters in communications. Not this guy! Death by penis procedure.

The Daily Mail says the preeminent Fake Dr. Kasia Rivera killed a 22-year-old "patient" by injecting his penis with silicone, in the hopes that it would expand and blossom. Instead, it poisoned him. According to the Mail, this kind of thing is happening more and more—amateur "pumping parties," (shudder) wherein people congregate for untrained silicone injections. I wonder what the music and snacks are like? This will probably be Rivera's last pumping party, however, as she's being charged with manslaughter and "unauthorized practice of medicine," which is putting it quite mildly.

The question is: would you rather die from penis injection or live after a cement butt implant? And would you ever let the woman in that picture point a needle at you to begin with? [Daily Mail]