Woman Sees Mother's Face For First Time In Five Years After Photo Becomes a Hit On Chinese Twitter

When a 71-year-old Chinese shoeshiner spotted an iPad-user walking past, she begged him to take a photo of her face, and somehow send it to her daughter, who she hadn't seen for five years after moving to a different city.

The man uploaded it to a social-networking site with much the same premise of Twitter, by the name of Weibo, and within a couple of hours Shufang Zhong's photo had been retweeted over 100,000 times, sparking the interest of celebrities and news channels. Just three days later, the daughter stumbled across the photo online, and was instantly reunited with the (digital) face of her mother. This tale of technology helping a daughter see her mother's face for the first time in five years warms the cockles of even the coldest of hearts, doesn't it? Snape? [Chengdu via Venturebeat via PetaPixel]


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