Woman Suing Google Over Walking Directions That Got Her Hit By a Car

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I trust Google with a lot of things, but when in doubt I always fall back on good-old common sense. Lauren Rosenberg did not. She walked onto a highway because Google told her to and got hit by a car.


Rosenberg, who apparently takes things very literally, was reading the directions on her Blackberry and thus wasn't privy to the warning that shows up when you access walking directions on a computer:

Walking directions are in beta. Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Deer Valley Drive, also known as Utah State Route 224, was one such route, and following Google's instructions to brave it on foot, Rosenberg was hit by a car and is now suing the company for $100,000. She probably figures it's a reasonable sum, considering that Google's worth $1 with a hundred zeroes after it. [Search Engine Land via Fortune]


Skir Mernet

while its easy to make jokes about how stupid that lady is, or how it could be simple to avoid, i see a bigger and quite worrisome problem. people don't understand technology and gadgets. they mindlessly do what the gadget says. they don't think before using a laptop in the bathtub, a hairdryer in the shower, or a gps to tell them exactly where to walk. ppl are increasingly inclined to rely on things without understanding them. she figured google knows. its like the guy who sued what ever RV company it was because he put cruise control on and walked away from the steering. he didn't know that cruise control isn't an autopilot, because no one expressly told him so. he didn't try to understand what it does, he just used it and assumed it did something it didn't. she assumed google was keeping her safe. thats not what its made for, its just there to show you what it thinks is the best path distance wise.

anyone else noticed anything similar?