Wombat poop is cube-shaped

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Wombats are adorable. These wonderful marsupials are native to Australia and it seems all they want in life is some good food and a nice cuddle. Oh, and they also have cubic poo. Which is a fun fact™.


From Learning About Animal Behavior:

Wombats have a long digestive process which takes about 14-18 days (Philip Ross, 2013). Most of the moisture and nutrients are absorbed, leaving a compact and smelly cube of scat. The resulting hard and compact excrement as well as the lack of muscle contraction in the wombat's rectum fails to shape the poop in the usual cylindrical poop fashion, hence, resulting in the cubic nature of the poop (Philip Ross, 2013). So no, wombats do not have a square butthole.

You can read more about wombats and their strange feces (pictured below) at io9.

[Update: My Australian wife would like me to remind everyone that wild wombats can be aggressive. Many of them would like a cuddle, but I guess others would just as soon claw your face off.]

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Images: Circa 1950 photograph via Getty, A young wombat named Wimpie having a meal on the lap of his trainer who runs a firm supplying animals for TV shows; Square poo photo via Zactopia




9/10 would believe this is candy.