Wonder Woman Finally Gets Her Own Event in Trial of the Amazons

Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and the other Amazons are coming together in 2022.

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Wonder Woman and her Amazons, standing on a field with their weapons ready.
Image: DC Comics/Jen Bartel

As important as Wonder Woman has appeared to be to DC’s brand, it’s only recently that she’s really been allowed to get the attention that her fellow Trinity members Batman and Superman have. Those two get their own big line wide crossover events every year, but Diana hasn’t had one to herself since the early 1990s. Thankfully, that’s going to change in 2022 with Trial of the Amazons.

The upcoming crossover was announced at DC Fandome and be “a power struggle that will redefine the future of DC’s Amazons.” In the comics, the island of warrior women have been going through several shifts as of late. Diana’s been hopping around various afterlives hoping each leap will be the next one home. She only recently made it home, and in her stead, her mother Hippolyta has taken over the Justice League’s new Wonder Woman, while Nubia’s been the new queen of Themyscira. All three women will play a key role in the event, along with the axe-wielding Artemis and current Wonder Girl (and eventual Wonder Woman) Yara Flor.

Trial will be written by the writers of current Wonder Woman books: Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, helmers of the main book; Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala, heading up next week’s Nubia & the Amazons miniseries; Joelle Jones, writer of Wonder Girl; and Wonder Woman: Adventures of Young Diana’s Jordie Bellaire. The foundation for the crossover will be set up in Nubia before beginning in earnest next year.


Sure, Trial is being billed as something that’ll change the future for that corner of the DC universe, but it’s just nice that Diana and her supporting cast get to be pushed to the forefront. As an extended celebration of the character’s 80th birthday, hopefully it’ll live up to the hype and open up new stories with these characters. Who knows, maybe this’ll bring us one step closer to an eventual video game.

Wonder Woman: Trial of the Amazons begins in 2022.

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