DC's Brand New Wonder Woman Is Getting Her Own CW Show as Wonder Girl

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Welcome to the DC-CWverse, Yara Flor.

Deadline reports that the latest addition to the ever-growing cast of DC shows at the CW will now include Wonder Girl. Being made with Queen of the South executive producer/co-showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez, and Sarah Schechter, David Madden, and Greg Berlanti of Berlanti Productions, the Wonder Girl show will be inspired by the DC Comics adventures of Wonder Woman’s young protégé, a stalwart member of the Teen Titans.


But it’s not Donna Troy, or Cassie Sandsmark. It’s character so brand new we’ve not even quite had the chance to meet her in the comics yet: Yara Flor, the future Wonder Woman created by Joëlle Jones for DC’s incoming Future State comics event.

In the comics, Yara will be introduced as the future inheritor of Diana of Themiscyra’s mantle as Wonder Woman, while Diana herself becomes the Immortal Wonder Woman, in a separate miniseries. In the show, Yara will be a Brazilian dreamer, the child of an Amazon and a Brazilian Water God who emigrated to America. Learning of her divine heritage, Yara takes on the mantle of Wonder Girl, using her abilities to confront threats to the entire world.

We’ll bring you more on DC and the CW’s plans for Yara as and when we learn them. Future State is set to begin in early 2021.

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This is kind of the new DC strategy isn't it? Use the comics to seed characters for multimedia purposes? Now let's see if they can create something that doesn't feel like every other CW show. (character a has a secret to hide from character b and when character b finds out the secret they're mad at character a until character a needs help then they work together to solve the problem, rinse and repeat)