Wonderfully Weird Short Film Mixes Together Alfred Hitchcock and Star Wars

Fabrice Mathieu turned Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest into a film that includes Star Wars characters and it’s totally bizarre and so weird that ... I kind of like it? I mean, it’s just stupid fun to see Cary Grant run away from a TIE fighter, and stare at R2-D2, and wonder where in the hell he is with all this technology from a galaxy far, far away.


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North By Northwest is one of my favorite movies, the best of Hitchcock’s “wrong man” films. It had a large impact on the later James Bond movies; it’s widely regarded as the first Bond film. Cary Grant was offered the role of Bond, and accepted on condition that it would be for one film only. The producers passed, anticipating a multi-film franchise.

Fun fact: at the end, Cary and Eva Marie retire to their compartment on the train, and the scene cuts to the train plunging into a tunnel. Hitch later said he was amazed they got away with it; evidently the studio censors didn’t get it.