Wooden Lamps Show The Light Within

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There's something really meditative about these slotted lamps. They're made out of wood from California cypress trees and the light inside is a constant current LED, but the sculptural elements come through more than the utility as a lamp.

Designed by Paul Foeckler for Split Grain in LA, the lamps range from $750 to $1,950. They may not be on your IKEA shopping list, but each one requires about 100 hours of slicing and sanding so...yeah. Oh, and the smaller lamp is USB powered by computer or wall charger for some reason. Nifty. [Etsy via Colossal]

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lets see

block of wood $50 (in case you get something really expensive)

drill with large bit $150

saw $150

lamp inside $50

total: $400

wondering WTF. i can buy all the equipment as well as all the material to make this and STILL only spend 1/2 as much as it costs. And it wont even give very much light. It is more of a accent light (unless there is something that allows for more light than i'm looking at)