World Record Beer-Opening Helicopter

I don't know whether to be impressed or frightened. This video is courtesy of our lovers over at Dethroner. It is a 10-minute long video of some guy piloting a small helicopter and opening beer bottles with said helicopter.

If I understand correctly, this guy set a world record for shortest amount of time spent opening up X number of beer bottles with a helicopter. Seriously, folks, can world records get any more specific? I think I want to hold the world record for most oranges peeled with my toes while juggling squirrels in zero gravity. Nevertheless, this helicopter guy is pretty badass.


The Amazing Beer-Opening Helicopter [Dethroner]


Impressive, but I'd rather see him take the caps off with the prop. Plus, you'd have the added bonus that the cap would fly off violently and either knock out the pilot, or send the people watching scurrying for their lives.

AND, that gives them a chance to work up a thirst for a tasty, freshly opened brew.

Sport, fun, and convenience...does it get any better?