World's Largest Gadget, Airbus A380, Completes U.S. Maiden Voyage, 747 Pwned

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The monstrous double-decker Airbus A380 made its maiden voyage to the United States yesterday, landing at New York's JFK airport, and a few minutes later, another one landed at Los Angeles's LAX. While these were not the first flights of the world's largest passenger airplane—that happened in April of 2005—it is the first time the plane has flown to the United States.

It's part of a publicity tour of the Airbus A380, showing people that this gigantic tin can stuffed with 300 miles of wires inside and a wingspan the size of a football field can actually fly. Airbus officials may feel a little antsy because none of the planes have been bought by U.S. airlines, which prefer smaller planes carrying fewer passengers on more nonstop flights. But yes, the gargantuan flying machines actually made it to the U.S.; Check out the video and see one of them landing at LAX for yourself.

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