World's Thinnest BenQ V2220 LCD Lays on the BS Pretty Thick

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On one hand the BenQ V2220/V2220H is a 21.5-inch LCD monitor that manages to be the thinnest in its class (just 15mm). On the other, BenQ has taken the whole "dynamic contrast ratio" fib to a whole new level.


They claim a 10,000,000:1 DCR with their edge-lit LED technology.

(Keep in mind, the human eye can only see somewhere between 50,000:1 and 100,000:1...meaning that you can't even prove BenQ wrong!) But we know the claim is particularly ridiculous, as the static contrast ratio is an absurdly typical 1000:1.


Still, the marketing doesn't mean you should write off BenQ's latest 'V' LCD line completely. In sizes ranging from 18.5-inches to 24-inches, with inputs including DVI, D-Sub and HDMI (on 'H' designated models), Taiwan will receive the new monitors this month for an undisclosed price. Then you'll be able to score them internationally at a later date. [BenQ via FarEastGizmos]

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Why are manufacturers making these thinner and thinner? We don't carry them around, so weight's not a factor, and the base is 8" round, so you're not gaining desk space.

Now, if you have an OLED film to put over the windshield of my car for a heads-up display, or rolling it up to put in my pocket, thickness does matter. Of course, don't make it too thin, otherwise my 101 "Or am I just happy to see you" jokes will never get used to positive effect.