"World's Toughest Phone" Battered Live Online For Your Enjoyment

Illustration for article titled "World's Toughest Phone" Battered Live Online For Your Enjoyment

The folks at Sonim have done just about everything in their power to convince potential customers that their XP1 is the world's toughest phone. That includes running over it with cars and dunking it in beer baths. Their latest stunt involves hitting in with a hammer 24/7 until it breaks—and you can watch the entire thing go down online. You can even send it text messages to test whether or not it is working. Visitors can also wager a guess on how many blows it will take before the phone breaks—with the closest guess earning a freebie XP1. Currently, the counter stands at over 33,500 hits—but my guess is that it will take quite a while before it finally gives in. I mean, it's not like that hammer is really wailing on it. Keep in mind that the XP1 is only available in Europe, but interested parties in the states should be able to get their hands on the updated XP3 version in rural areas starting this March. [testanddestroy via CNET]


That's just stupid. Or maybe it's just me. They could just be tapping on it considering how the rig is built.