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Now that nuclear-thermal rockets are becoming a reality, we may very well be shipping off the first human pioneers to Mars (both safely and efficiently) in the not-too-distant future. This, of course, leaves the question of exactly who will become the first generation of Martian-Earthlings.


The prospect of actually being a founder of a colony on an entirely different world is practically incredible to the point of being inconceivable. But of course, any future space explorers will have to resign themselves to the fact their ticket to the next frontier probably isn't going to allow for any flights home. So anyone willing to take the leap is going to have to want it—bad.


Considering everything this one-way trip entails, assuming technology has allowed for a sufficiently inhabitable home on Mars, AND assuming you happened to be one of the lucky few picked, would you be willing to pack your bags for Mars—never to return? Talk it it out down below.

Image: Shutterstock/XONOVETS

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