Would You Buy Ebooks on a Pay-As-You-Read Basis?

Illustration for article titled Would You Buy Ebooks on a Pay-As-You-Read Basis?

A start-up called TotalBooX, baed in Tel Aviv, is planning to "disrupt" the ebook market by selling books on a pay-as-you-read basis. But would you be interested?


The idea is simple: instead of paying for a book up front—which is easy to do rashly with 1-click purchasing—you instead pay a small fee for each page you read. Only read a quarter of a book? No problem: you've only paid for a quarter of it anyway. Of course, it's unlikely that such a model would ever result in big discounts, but that's the financial trade-off.

It's perfect for people that are hopeless at finishing books, but perhaps less appealing to those who crunch their way though a novel without a second thought. The question is, though, would that business model appeal to you? Would you prefer to read on a pay-as-you-go basis? [Tech Week]


No. I want free eBooks sponsored by ads. I'd be fine with a full-page ad every ten pages. They could even key the ad subject to the book content.