Would You Live in a Church?

Just outside of Adelaide, Australia, there's a pedestrian-looking, bluestone church deserving of a second glance. Inside, the 1877 house of worship has been completely renovated and transformed into a thoroughly modern dwelling. It's such a unique residence that it's no surprise that it was snapped up almost immediately after it went on the market.

What makes this house awesome is all the cool architectural detail in churches that doesn't trickle down to houses for non-deities. Once upon a time, churches were built to last centuries, constructed with quality stone facades. Many homes are not. And sure, some homes have vaulted ceilings, but few match the grandeur of a space that was once a house of worship.


Still, living in a church may not be complete bliss. It could be hard to fully scrub the smell of incense from the walls. And be sure when the renovation is done that there isn't a stained glass window in the bathroom, because it's not privacy if you've got a martyred saint watching you. [DesignToInspire via Apartment Therapy]


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