Would You Use This Curved Keyboard?

Illustration for article titled Would You Use This Curved Keyboard?

WMPowerUser is reporting that Microsoft's research team is working on this curved software keyboard, leaked from an internal presentation. It even speculates that it might be made available in Windows Phone 8.


It's clearly designed for single-handed use, following the arc of the thumb across the screen and presumably using predictive algorithms to make up for what would surely amount to a lot of mistakes. Whether it's real or not is, of course, up for debate, as is the validity of the concept. I think it's a neat idea in theory, but that in reality it would be hateful to work with. What do you think? [WMPower via The Verge]


Why would you need a one-handed keyboard? If your attention is devoted to typing, what could you possibly be doing with your free hand that's so important?