Would You Wear These Crazy Shoes?

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These sneakers are, according to Reebok, the "the first all-terrain athletic shoe". They're supposed to echo the utility of an all-terrain vehicle, and take mud, snow, grass, and sand in their stride. But let's not ignore the fact that they look completely and utterly weird.

In many ways they have all the trappings of a normal sneaker: padded tongue, supportive collar for ankle protection, nicely breathable upper and... oh my God look at those lugged soles.

These things seem to be designed to make the wearer look like a clown. Or a space explorer. Perhaps even an alien. They were certainly not designed to make you look normal. Which makes us wonder, would any of you consider wearing them? [Fast Co via Design Boom]

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Greg the Mad


Fact is that you don't see the sole when you normally wear them. Even this one. Unless you point it out, or one actually looks for this, you'd never notice it.

Toe-Shoes on the other hand ... >.>