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Steve Jobs, ever the David Copperfield of the industry, performs his latest trick: Reaming the assholes who usually ream us!

Can he have a volunteer? How about you, in the front, orange guy with your arms spread out. Cingular? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant "The New AT&T". Step right up!


Presto Chango!

The deal also calls for Cingular to share with Apple a portion of the monthly revenues from subscribers.

Steve Jobs magically reappears behind Mr. AT&T, with his gold watch, cash, and a portion of the fees iPhone fanboys will pay every month for data and minutes. Awesome!


Wait...where's my wallet?

P.S. Is the WSJ mixing metaphors with their headline, "How Steve Jobs Played Hardball In iPhone Birth" Are we talking baby baseball?

Steve Jobs Plays Hardball [WSJ]