WTF Alert: SNES Outselling PS3 and 360 on

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Amidst the usual video game champions on Amazon's Best Sellers List: Video Games, you might find something out of the ordinary. If you head south to around number 17, you'll see what I mean.


It appears that everyone's old video game flame known as the SNES is outselling Sony's Playstation 3 on Wonder why? Here's my take:

  • People aren't that interested in PS3s.
  • Virtual Console games are giving people major cases of nostalgia.
  • People are so frantic for the Wii that they'll get their hands on the closest thing.
  • Someone is throwing a Mario Kart tourney and ordered a metric ton of units.
  • Hell has frozen over.

In all seriousness though, this probably has more to do with the fact that there are ten times as many used, yellow-tinted SNES consoles floating around, but still an interesting sight nevertheless.


Note: The list has been updated, and the PS3 has dropped to number 20, now behind Guitar Hero II and Oblivion.

Note pt. deux: The SNES/FC Twin monster is on its way to cracking the top ten and is hot on the tails of the Xbox 360. If it gets up there, then we officially live in Upside-Down Land.

Note pt. three: Welcome to Upside-Down Land.

Video Games [via NeoGAF Forums]


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Here's my take:

* People aren't that interested in PS3s.

Right. And the fact that prices start at $150 above retail has nothing to do with the low sales at Amazon.

I have a great idea:

Let's compare sales of the OS X systems versus Vista systems at Dell Computer's web site. What? OS X isn't even on the list? Wow, Apple must be in real trouble.