WWDC 2009 Rumor Smash: Some Were Right, Most Were SUCK!

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Though Jesus debunked a number of the more fun WWDC rumors—what's a "unibody" iPhone?—in his sober-light-of-day roundup last Friday, it's nice to run through them all, to see how many rumors were true, and how many were smashable.

iPhone Rumors
The biggest batch of rumors had to do with the phone, and man were some of them off base:

• "iPhone Video" name? NOPE

• "iPhone 3GS" name? YEP

• Video shooting? YEP

• iPhone matte black finish? NOPE

• iPhone front camera and videoconferencing? NOPE

• $99 iPhone? YEP

• Glowing Apple logo? NOPE

• Autofocus 3-megapixel camera? YEP

• Magnetometer/compass? YEP

• OLED screen? NOPE

• iPhone Speed and Memory Boost? YEP

• Aluminum "unibody" iPhone? NOPE

• Verizon iPhone or some other Apple phone? NOPE

• iPhone Nano, whatever that is? NOPE

Other Apple Rumors:
It was easy to dismiss the tablet rumor early on, but there were other speculations that were a little easier to swallow:

• Apple tablet? NOPE

• 13-Inch MacBook Pro? YEP

• Marble look-and-feel for Snow Leopard? NOPE

• 64GB iPod Touch? NOPE

• Steve Jobs appearance? NOPE

(Note: If I left any out, go ahead and throw them into comments. There's no way I can verify that I got 'em all above.)


So, did we get took? Or did we take home quite a bit? From this tally, out of 19, only 7 came true, but when you factor that in with some unexpected fun, like the Find My Phone remote MobileMe feature, or the voice controls, or the MacBook Pro's new SD card slot (which is nice, though not an HDMI port), it was a decent haul despite any disappointment. In case you haven't had enough, here's the full coverage from WWDC. [WWDC 2009 on Gizmodo]