Xbox 360 with Integrated LCD Available Now (Not from Microsoft)

Console modder extraordinaires, Divineo, have an Xbox 360 with an integrated LCD for sale now. It has a 5.8-inch LCD screen for direct viewing on the actual 360 console. Slap a generator on the back and you have one big ass portable gaming system. The Swedish Divineo site has a limited number of these available for 4,990 Kr, or $572. Personally, I think I would get migraines trying to play Gears on a 5.8-inch LCD, but it is cool nonetheless.

Product Page [Via Kotaku]



I think I'd be happy to give up a bit of the "integrated" feel to go with a skinny display glued onto the side of the console. That would add size and weight to this solution but it would also be a much larger screen. Perhaps even laptop style (15" flip-up display, mmm).