Xbox Live Update Brings 1080p to the 360 this Week

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This Halloween (that's Tuesday for you anti-Halloweenies) will see the Fall update for the Xbox 360. This update will have the addition of 1080p support for both games and video content. Also in the update is support for WMV streaming from a Windows PC running WMP 11 or Windows Media Connect, which is a nice addition—anyone know of a DivX to WMV converter?


Check out some images of the dashboard updates, also over at Kotaku, here. And yes, you are reading correctly—our own Jason "HTC Lover" Chen is filling in at Kotaku for a couple days. Everyone give him some shit (his contact info is over on the left) for betraying us.

Fall 360 Dashboard Date and Details Hit [Kotaku]



So is 1080p not possible on component? Is that what you would be saying Trance-Addict?

sailentshadow: I'm right your wrong so ha!

nzruss: nope, it has a custom port and the cable that comes with premium 360's is both rca and component with a switch to choose between the two

also, if us/japan ps3 rumors are correct, it will only come with a rca cable. any better connector has to be purchased afterwards. rumors though.

oh right, 1080p is now available at a local electronics retailer near you.

Someone somewhere (here or kotaku) did a thing on how 720p can look better than 1080p. Games aren't fully utilizing 720p yet so why bother with bigger when it doesn't yet look better?