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Yes, You Will Love This Hilarious Star Wars Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

They’re two of the first words we ever learn. We use them every day and, in many cases, probably don’t even think about it. They can be used to agree to life-changing events or get out of horrible situations. They can also be used to hilarious effect when edited and counted in all 10 Star Wars movies.

I’m talking, of course, of “Yes” and “No.” And the new Star Wars Kids YouTube put up an incredible video counting every single instance of “Yes” and “No” in the prequel, original, and sequel trilogy (so far), as well as Rogue One and Solo. The result is a hilarious, non-stop barrage of affirmation and descent from a galaxy far, far away.


Now, before you watch, which do you think is said more, and by how much? Is it a large margin? A close race? Would you say more than 250 of each or less? Make some mental notes and, whether you were right or wrong, let us know in the comments.

You though I was going to spoil the outcome below this video, didn’t you? Shame on you...I’ll leave that to the commenters below.


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