You Can (And Must) Cook Eggs in a Waffle Iron

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Sure, it's just egg. Who cares. Crack 'er in a skillet, let it fry. Why bother caring? It's not like there are better options out there—oh wait, your entire goddamn life just changed. Waffle iron eggs. Yeah.

This technique was stumbled upon, like Marie Curie and Radium, by blogger chef "Jessica," who waffled her eggs for a particularly delicious croque madame. But even if French treats aren't your bag, I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be your go-to method for egg heating, sans sandwich. I mean look at it—it's an egg waffle! The yolk's left intact by keeping the iron lid open, meaning your mouth can enjoy the geometric perfection of the grid, while your heart feasts on the sumptuous culinary eroticism of yellow deliciousness dripping all over your face. Waffle iron. Everything must be put in the waffle iron. [The Novice Chef via Neatorama]

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