You can bake cookies from the cookie dough of cookie dough ice cream

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Well, well, well. Isn't this good to know? Turns out, you can strain all the ice cream out of cookie dough ice cream and use its dough to bake cookies. Surprise! It's actually cookie dough! It's not just factory made cookie flavoring made to make you crave ice cream more (even if it still is all that).

Foodbeast pointed us to Joe Satran of The Huffington Post who came up with the idea to test the dough of cookie dough ice cream and was surprised that a real cookie came out of it instead of some gooey chemical gum substance. It's like if you could plant real fruit from the seeds of Skittles or something!

Satran strained out liquified, melted ice cream (oh the horror!) and collected the dough from Edy's, Edy's Maxx, Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream. Eventually he got a workable goop that looked like this:


How did his cookies baked from ice cream taste? Perfectly fine says Satran. There are some difference (the lack of baking powder or soda, eggs being pasteurized, etc.) with the dough in cookie dough ice cream versus typical cookie dough but it works! Read more about Satran's cookie dough experiment here.

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