You Can Be Pizza Hut's Social Media Manager If You Can Interview in 140 Seconds

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Are you good at Twitter? Do you know how to book that face? Perhaps even post more pictures than just food and cats on Instagram? Well, if you're a quick talker and a proud minute man or woman, Pizza Hut would like to interview you for 140 seconds about its Social Media Manager job.

140 seconds to represent the 140 characters on Twitter. Haha. Clever. But seriously, can you determine if a person is a good candidate for the job in under 2 and a half minutes? Pizza Hut will be holding the 140 second interviews at SXSW this Sunday, saying:

It's the modern day elevator speech. The time you have to tell a story, engage a customer or leave a lasting impression on someone socially has shrunk to seconds.


It's true. Companies definitely need the help when it comes to good tweeting etiquette. Pizza Hut won't be looking at resumes either, only LinkedIn profiles on a smartphone (that's not a joke). [Pizza Hut via Forbes]