You Can Customize the Level of Gore Detail On This Jaws Shark Bust

It wasn't until Star Wars stormed through theaters in 1977 that blockbuster movies came with toys and collectibles in tow. And since Jaws was released two years earlier, there has never really been a decent amount of shark-themed collectibles available for the film. At least until Shark City Ozark created this wonderfully detailed 1:6-scale Bruce bust. Peer deep into its jaws and you can almost see Quint down there.


Over on KaijuAddicts John Stanowski has put together an awesome review of the bust, including a gallery of equally awesome photos of the famous great white shark known as Bruce. It comes with plenty of scar detailing and a wonderfully realistic paint job, but it's the rows of gleaming white teeth that are probably this collectible's most startling feature.

And before you balk at the bust's $300 price tag, keep in mind this is a 1:6-scale replica of a creature that's considerably larger than a human being. Here's a shot of it next to a copy of the movie for size reference—it's by no means tiny.


But the best part is that when ordering you get to choose between three different levels of gore detailing on your shark: clean, medium gore, and heavy gore with sea captain bits. That's right, Shark City Ozark will go as far as to customize your Bruce bust with tiny bits of clothing and pretend shreds of flesh. Got your credit cards out yet? [Shark City Ozark via KaijuAddicts via Nerd Approved]


Photos by John Stanowski

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